Is Prestashop Better Than Magento

When you need to select the appropriate type of E commerce platform for your website development in Jaipur, it is most important to look at the best alternative choices on the market. Magento and prestashop are most reputed platforms available in the market. And to select the best you need to know that is prestashop better than magento.

As both of these E commerce platforms are open source programs, they need to be customized according to clients need in several different ways. As one of the best platforms prestashop offers you with a lot of features,makes site management easy, provides SEO benefits, gives users analytics and reporting and so much more. Over 125,000 online stores use PrestaShop, which makes finding help with the program easy.
However magento is known to be a leader in the market of E commerce shopping cart solutions. They offer the clients with the huge variety of features, tools and customization services. Magento also offers its consumers with the better SEO benefits than any other shopping cart available on the market with the targeted promotion and merchandising. They also allow for multiple payment and shipping option. Many large businesses trust their shopping cart needs to Magento.

What Magento offers?
Magento offers several diverse features and it is an open source of E commerce solution with all kinds of flexibility. You are amongst the one under the control with this type of E Commerce solution offered and also you can modify the look, content and the way it functions. The way Magento is set up makes it easy to use it for search engine optimization and you can even use it as a catalog-management tool.
With the accessibility to a lot of experience behind this program, as it was founded in the year 2001, you would not require to struggle to find answers to your queries. A recent partnership with eBay makes the system even more powerful and adds more to the list of developers to the community.

Magento as a E commerce platform gives its users all kinds of modules, features and extensions. Several clients have praised the technical sport and some have even called it one of the best services offered in the business. It is most suited for professional online stores and works great for anybody trying to run a fully online or partially online business.

What prestashop offers?
PrestaShop as an e commerce platform is another open-source solution available with plenty of features. Also, you can utilize the basic set up with no extra charge; however you will be required to purchase templates, themes and modules if you simply want the most out of this system. It was launched in 2007 and targets small to medium business looking to gain an online presence.

PrestaShop is also available in 40 different languages; however it only supports fully in English and French. They do not offer a professional support team; moreover you can also find plenty of developers and users in the PrestaShop forum. You don’t need to meet many requirements to use the program, except PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and a Linux, UNIX or Windows operation system.

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