Mobile Application Development For Android

mobile-application-development 2In the recent few years of technology up gradation and advancement, the concept of mobile application development for android has become fully foreign. Also, as the android mobile phones have emerged as an important part of the daily lives of the human, the business of mobile and apps development has boomed into a multibillion dollar industry. Today, each individual requires a mobile phone without which he cannot have access to its diverse connections and also, their work and business gets affected negatively. Therefore, based upon the nature of different mobile apps, this young and emerging industry remains fragmented. Furthermore, there are some of the huge players who have experienced diverse levels of success.

Nowadays, mostly everyone knows about the advanced touch technology introduced in most of the upgraded android mobile phones so developed, particularly the feature of multi touch, taking adequate care of the two fingers which touches the screen at the similar time at diverse places. Moreover, latest mobile phones presently have much more than touch. Some of the vital features to be considered while the process of mobile development are:

  • Location finding by the utilization of GPS feature, it helps in figuring out where it is at that point of time in the world
  • Accelerometer and Orientation which provides it with the ability to detect motion in three dimensions
  • Programmable Vibrator, Camera, address book

In the present era of development, almost all the expert and professional mobile apps developers are facing an enormous amount of competition in the field of downloads and advertisement dollars. Despite of facing several hurdles, the opportunity still remains massive; billions of dollars change hands in app stores every single day, therefore mobile marketing budgets continue to swell.

There are several advantages of designing and creating mobile applications for android phones including mainly the availability of data storage with features specifically named as SQ Lite, P2P communication with Google Talk, and the ability to publish an app for export and signing. It can be integrated with touch screen, GPS, and a video camera, and it includes a comprehensive 2D and 3D graphics library as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support.

Several mobile application web development company in Jaipur all over the world are in a hurry to develop a marvelous device which particularly includes the GPS system further helping the device to access the current location, accelerometer guiding the device to detect the motion, and wide screen feature for better viewing of the data and applications. It utilizes the feature of Wi-Fi and lets the user to access the worldwide web with the help of laptop or personal computer. Also, for the benefit of expert professional programmers it is a good opportunity to get into Objective-C and Cocoa Touch technology to explore more and become innovative in using the hardware support which is inbuilt in the device itself. Moreover, presently there are several big companies which are jumping into the business of mobile development. You no longer need to press keys to turn the steering of race car; just a tilt does it for you.

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