10 Magento Security Tips for Keeping Our E-commerce Store Safe From Hackers in Future

magento security tipsIn today’s era of immense competition in the advertising world, there are several corporate professionals offering expertise in magento, providing their potential clients with the accessibility of different and creative digital services including website development, search engine optimization, web page design, website redesign, social media marketing and several other affordable services. However, as a aware client you need to take 10 magento security tips for keeping your E commerce store safe from the hackers in future.

magento-version-upgrade1. You must always have access to the latest magento version:
Several times, you would be asked about that whether the latest version offered to you is best or not and Most of the times the answer is negative. The aspect that is important is the consistency offered by Magento developers. Following Magento versions launched in the market surely fix the security issues of the previous versions at a priority. Therefore, it is very much necessary to have knowledge about the latest versions. Once a stable version release is out, only you need to do is to test it and implement it in your store.

security-wordpress-42. Furthermore, Secure the Setting of Magento Store admin Password:
Whenever you are thinking of selecting secured passwords for magento administrator on Magento website, you certainly need to ascertain that selected password must be hard with a mix of lower case and upper case alphabets, numbers and punctuations. Try to include phonetic passwords for your magento store as they are easier to remember and also a hard option to be guessed by others.

3. Regularly update the fresh release of the Security Tips, Patches and Fixes:
The Magento community regularly releases several new and improved updates. These updates specifically include majority of the security fixes in addition with the regular e-commerce store upgrades. So thereby, it is very important that you need to keep yourself on the lookout. The Magento community members also release the security reports on various version of magento.

4. Block the countries with which you do not want to do business:
If you are not shipping your services to any of the countries including Pakistan & china, then you can easily block the access of your services for these by the ease of their location. Also, these days it is very easy to set this up with the help of a hardware firewall.

5. Always try to use custom & critical path to the magento E-commerce Store admin panel:
Generally, we are granted access to the magento admin panels by using magentostoresite.com/admin or similar webpage. However, it is very easy for the hackers as they can easily get into the admin panel. By simply using a custom path to admin panel we can make it harder to locate the URL and also this will further improve the magento store security.

6. Always Use HTTPS/SSL for all pages only exclude the home & CMS page:
Each time you send the data mainly including login credentials, with an unencrypted internet connection there are numerous risks of this data being intercepted by the third party. In order to eliminate this risk, you must always send your data over a secured data connection.

7. Also always use a secure FTP & a limited access to the Directory:
Intercepting the FTP passwords is one of the most commonly used way to hack a site, therefore in order to secure your website’s FTP, you need to use a secure FTP password and also use a SFTP or FTP-SSL. As with the help of SFTP you would have access to a public key Authentication. Using this public key Authentication you can get more secured.

8. Always Update the Payment & shipping related new release security tips:
If you have any suspect that your store might have been hacked, then you ought to check the details of Payment processing files.

9. Get secured with your Magento E-commerce Directory and File Permissions Access:
At present, CMS application type requires permission to execute some specific tasks. However, if you want to give full access however temporarily for the directory, then there is no issue although if you leave it for a long time with option of full access that would imply that file or directory is fully accessible and writable. And also, it can be accessed and can be updated by anyone. In that case it becomes very easy for the hackers to infect and hack the website.

file-manager-htaccess-create10. Also, protect your E-commerce store and .htaccess file:
.htaccess file is one of the most important and powerful file being used to control and process the site. .htaccess file is also used to redirect the website to different location. Nowadays these types of attacks are most common to infect the website. In such a case hacker simply injects a redirection code to a website. It simply means that you should never offer full permission to a file or directory for a long time duration. Further, you can use the following code to provide the security to your .hcacsess file
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all

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